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Starting Up Romania : Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Diagnostic

This report outlines three essential elements to inform a comprehensive strategy in support of entrepreneurship in Romania. First, it offers a big picture of entrepreneurship performance and ecosystem pillars at the national level, benchmarked against Romania’s peers. It will identify structural obstacles faced by entrepreneurs in order to define the key strategic objectives. Second, the report provides new evidence about startups in Romania. Third, it assesses the existing policy mix and ecosystem enablers supporting entrepreneurship. It is important to know what resources and policy instruments already support entrepreneurship, either via public programs or ecosystem enablers, that may also allocate public resources. 

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Japan / Tokyo Innovation Ecosystem Assessment   WBG 2021

This assessment first looks at the startup ecosystem’s role within a global city such as Tokyo. It provides an overview of Japan’s innovation ecosystem, including its opportunities and limitations. It also analyses the greater Tokyo area’s startup ecosystem, and the networks and institutions that underpin it. Finally, it identifies opportunities for growth, and lessons learnt from Tokyo’s startup ecosystem.

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Uncovering socioeconomic gaps in mobility reduction during the COVID-19 pandemic using location data  WBG 2020

Using smartphone location data from Colombia, Mexico, and Indonesia, we investigate how non-pharmaceutical policy interventions intended to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic impact human mobility. In all three countries, we find that following the implementation of mobility restriction measures, human movement decreased substantially. Importantly, we also uncover large and persistent differences in mobility reduction between wealth groups: on average, users in the top decile of wealth reduced their mobility up to twice as much as users in the bottom decile. For decision-makers seeking to efficiently allocate resources to response efforts, these findings highlight that smartphone location data can be leveraged to tailor policies to the needs of specific socioeconomic groups, especially the most vulnerable

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Andean Region Land Connectivity Analysis  IDB 2019

In this project, a computational tool was generated, based on big data analysis and network science, which allows the analysis of road connectivity in the countries of the Andean region (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia). The final objective is to identify geographic areas where infrastructure investment can be targeted. This tool enables to interactively identify these areas, based on mobility patterns between cities, transport potential. Also, it allows to identify key hugs for national road connectivity, and development hubs.

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Towards the 4th Industrial Revolution: Production networks, diversification and geography  University of Oxford, MIT 2021

In this project, we explore how countries can diversify their economies and transform their technological base to embrace the 4th Industrial Revolution.


Based on millions of data points on single transactions between all the firms located in an oil exporting country, we use state-of-the-art tools for analyzing economic data such as network analysis to reconstruct the productive network of the whole country and generate scenarios to identify the potential areas for diversification. We also combine Geographic Information System to understand the interactions between productive network and regional dynamics. Finally, we use artificial intelligence tools to recreate scenarios and potentially predict the emergence of new economic  [business] activities.

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Augmented Reality for Economic and Business Insights  Oxford 2019

With the advent of 5G technology, AR combined with AI will increase the potential to analyze data and interact in real time. In this project, we explore the possible uses of combining AR and AI to provide interactive and real time analyses to support strategic decision making for business and governments, based on large datasets." ​


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